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2009-09-17 13:58:23 by dz2001

Momentum Missile Mayhem 4 is finally released. Its not doing as well as I expected... maybe I shouldn't have returned to these series and delayed my RPG project.

/* */
I will now either make an addon-thingy to mmm4, Siege Tank Survival, where you play as a tank and can build towers. Or I will get back to my fallout-inspired RPG project.
Also here's the screenshot from my next game:



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2009-09-17 14:44:57

Fuck yeah pringles


2009-09-17 14:57:40

Mmmm... Tasty.

dz2001 responds:

indeed :3


2009-09-17 15:22:39

wow i want those pringles mmmmmm :)


2009-09-17 15:57:30



2009-09-17 16:01:43

A. MMM was old at 3
B. HAWT HORSE *saved*


2009-09-17 16:47:00

God damn, I really hate furries.

dz2001 responds:

yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff


2009-09-17 16:51:18

I could of sworn I heard wolves having sex somewhere in this area....


2009-09-17 16:57:03



2009-09-17 17:14:26

as long as you don't put any furry stuff in your gamesm you will be my favorite game creator on this site

(Updated ) dz2001 responds:

the character u play in my RPG project is a furry
if I ever finish it >_<

also theres some furry stuff in mmm4 too
its just hard to find


2009-09-17 17:25:34

What is it with furries and horse dick?

dz2001 responds:

i dunno lol


2009-09-17 18:56:01

Pringle Dick?
Will it cum Pringle chips?

dz2001 responds:

probably :3


2009-09-17 19:00:48

You should do the siege tank survival addon. Maybe put different types of tanks to choose from. awesome pic. :3

dz2001 responds:

maybe I will


2009-09-17 20:12:02

lick my salty chocolate balls.


2009-09-17 21:14:54

murr now that's what im talking about ^^ -tailwags happily-

dz2001 responds:



2009-09-17 21:39:06

nice game, hoe i can win ?


2009-09-17 23:33:55

Could you at least add an option to your games to turn off the furries?

Also, are you really from Russia?

dz2001 responds:

I haven't released any games involving furries yet.
And if you are talking about the RPG I'm working on - the answer is NO. You wont be able to change character appearance.

Yes, I am Russian.


2009-09-18 00:37:37

zomg furry in da house and yay for MMM4 been waiting for it to come out :D

dz2001 responds:

Do you like it?


2009-09-18 09:38:03

Hmm... I wonder how my wife would react to my prior comment on this page....

Eh, she'd probably agree.

dz2001 responds:

you don't need to COUNTER your previous TOTALLY GAY comment about PENIS
no one cares


2009-09-18 10:30:17

I hope that next game is a side scroller. Create a horse, walk through various areas beating enemies with your gargantuan pe- I mean pringles. Perhaps add a projectile where you ejacu... Eject chips out. Unlocking new flavors as you progress. Flavors of pringles that is. Yep. Best game ever. Get front page game of the week for sure.


2009-09-19 16:19:56

One thing that I didn't like was that you never really feel "powerful" throughout the game. For example you always feel the need to smash enemies to the walls with your blasts, but you never are able to take them out directly with your weapons.


2009-09-20 16:56:30

I like how at some point, the game stops becoming "Momenum Missile Mayhem 4" and starts becoming "Avoid the Dimensional Rifts"


2009-09-21 13:00:14

MMM4 kinda...disappointed me. I really wanted to try out the "Siege Tank" mode, bbut there was no such thing at all...but it'll be in the addon, so I guess, I'll just have to wait.

Also, I've got a couple of questions...

Firstly, why is this game so laggy? It seems that MMM gets slower and slower with each new game! (Are you using bitmap effects?)

Secondly, could you make Project Wasteland a REAL-TIME game instead of a turned-based one?(also, what about the plot, the place, where the game...takes place...)

Thirdly, did it occur to you that...posting a picture of a furry horse, that has stuck its dick up a box of chips isn't funny at all? No? Strange...

(Updated ) dz2001 responds:

>but it'll be in the addon

if i ever make it that is

>It seems that MMM gets slower and slower with each new game!

its no more laggy than the third one

>could you make Project Wasteland a REAL-TIME game instead of a turned-based one?


>posting a picture of a furry horse, that has stuck its dick up a box of chips isn't funny at all

yes, it is


2009-09-22 05:29:47

but but.. i liked, i liked mmm4 ^^ good job anyway^^

dz2001 responds:

thanks =)


2009-09-22 11:55:32

>its no more laggy than the third one

Well, I've tested them on the same PC, with same number of SAME enemies and same number of projectiles(without hitting the enemies). MMM3 gives 4 more fps in average!

But screw this! I understand this is quite annoying, but could you tell more about Project Wasteland? Why won't you make it a real-time game? Will the player be able to choose the character? What's the plot? Is there a demo of the game on the internets(I googled it but couldn't find)?

dz2001 responds:

>could you tell more about Project Wasteland?

theres nothing else to say, besides what I've already said. There will be more when I return to the project.

>Will the player be able to choose the character?

no, the character appearance and name (probably) will be locked. The player will be able to choose stats and skills, of course.

>What's the plot?

There will be no plot until lI have a fully functional combat system and world. And thats A LOT of work, I'm not sure whether I will finish all of what I've planned.

>Is there a demo of the game on the internets

I don't want to share it yet.


2009-09-27 15:38:37

Oh wow. I am a huge fan of the MMM series, but I am losing respect.
Just don't put a furfag plot line in it or I will stop spamming 5/5

But your perverted sexual fetish aside....

I think less powerups and more projectile variety would be good. I see that you are trying to keep from making it the same by adding different death delivery vehicles, but if you revamp the gameplay itself, it would be preferable if you return to the stationary turret system.

Anyway, keep up the good work and don't make any shitty furfag games.

dz2001 responds:

i don't like you
go away


2009-09-29 12:29:14

whens u think ul b finished with that game?

dz2001 responds:

Siege Tank Defence will be ready soon. Next month, I think...
As for the RPG project - no idea :D


2009-10-01 20:39:55



2009-10-02 17:03:00

OMG! YAY FOR FURRINESS! I would totally pop his top dude.


2009-10-05 13:04:43

I absolutely love the MMM series and I enjoyed the new one a lot.
Having the gravity launcher move around and be able to trash stuff is awesome.
The improvements just keep getting better, I like how you made the upgrade system not lock up if you level something up, but you can always change any setting during the game to suite the situation and not worry that you missed something.

I've been playing every MMM game so far and I must say its the most badass flash game series I've ever played. I love the graphic art, the MANLY effects (both sound and visual) and the gameplay is really great.

Hell, its plain batshit AWESOME.

I also like how you keep taking a new approach after each new game making it a whole different experience altogether. My only complaint are the typos in each game, although not the intentional ones like hueg. Those are ok, but make atmosphere of the game slightly less serious. : 3

I wanted to ask if the newest MMM 4 is available for stand-alone download like the older ones since I prefer to play the MMM series on my computer like a normal daily installed game?

Keep it up! : )

dz2001 responds:

Thank you =)

As for the download version - download swf file from enywhere. Like from here, or from armorgames. Then download standalone flash player from adobe site.

If you font know how - google always help.


2009-10-07 15:27:25

Alright thanks! Took me a while to figure out how to get a .swf files from a page since there were no apparent download links anywhere (had to dig around the cache and rename a couple wierd files to have the swf extension and see if it works haha) but now I can proudly say I have the whole collection saved.

I also wanted to praise the MMM 4 a little more with its new features like the automated ally turrets (railgun/laser turret is kickarse <3) and the super weapon selection screen that pauses the game and allows you to place an attack anywhere like a god is great.
Btw great artwork too, I really like your graphical style.

Heck, you could make a commercial game out of this for good profit (the game already has massive potential and great gameplay with its idea). Build a new standalone game based on MMM's idea featuring all the stuff plus giving the users ability to mod and add their own stuff and bang! You're a BILLIONAIRE. xD


2009-10-14 20:07:14

I love this picture and I love your games!
Please tell me the artist!

dz2001 responds:

That would be Gideon.


2009-10-15 13:28:56

Thank you so much!

dz2001 responds:



2009-11-01 00:50:15

your next game is Amazing XD

one of the things I do is Produce music , and I want to make some track for your next game.

Do You Want ?

dz2001 responds:



2009-11-20 09:06:51

SUCKS! MM2 is da best, this game is the worst of all your MMM series.

dz2001 responds:

blah blah


2009-11-29 18:53:48

ya do da fallout thing

dz2001 responds:

My RPG project requires a lot of time and attention. I have a lot of IRL problems and my personal life is kind of fucked up lately >_< I'm not sure I am ready to return to working on big projects like that....


2009-12-01 21:08:42

ahhhh yeah i luv me some horse pringles.......... yummmmmm


2009-12-02 09:36:16

Siege tank ftw!


2009-12-04 09:57:25

No idea why, but when I saw the horse (after my mind left the gutter temporarily) the first thing I thought of was "I just lost the game" . . . . .

Regardless, MMM4 is probably my favorite version yet, mainly for the ability to move around the turret. Kinda gives it a feel that most defense-based games dont have.


2009-12-05 00:01:51

Hmm i hope your being sponsored for this thats got to be a big can of pringles

dz2001 responds:



2009-12-05 21:17:40

Your a furry? .,.

dz2001 responds:



2009-12-05 22:25:01

I've heard of blue balls, but brown balls...? Looks a bit more painful...

And mr horsey person doesn't seem to be enjoying the pringles tube all that much.

dz2001 responds:



2009-12-05 22:41:40


A fucking furry.

(Updated ) dz2001 responds:

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´


2009-12-06 07:37:46

O...k... well i have nothing against furries but its a tad off putting when the face of the horse looks so feminin but has a massive cock and why pringles? surely the guy on the packet wont be too happy 'bout getting violated by a horse :)

dz2001 responds:

coz it made me lol


2009-12-07 19:09:37

PROTIP: if you're not on 4chan, green text won't work. Nice try /b/ro.


2009-12-08 13:08:07

Though I usually don't leave any messages, I'm surprised by the amount of "OMG FURFAGS" found here. Just so you know, some of us don't mind whether you like furries, of any gender, but will instead rate the games according to how good they are. Which, by the way, they are heaps.

And having that said, the horse is hawt. And if you don't like it, close your eyes and pretend the pringles aren't looking at you.

dz2001 responds:

>the horse is hawt.


I don't get ppl who find GARGANTUAN PENISES and HELIUM BOOBS hot.
His balls BALLS are bugger than his HEAD, its ridiculous not arousing.


2009-12-08 17:59:48

Now I have to decide whether or not to hate you.

dz2001 responds:



2009-12-08 22:43:01

I Think you do the fallout inspired one nice pic by the way but i prefer dragons

dz2001 responds:



2009-12-09 08:39:25

*sigh* DZ, it's stuff like what you've got at the bottom that makes people hate us. Just thought I'd say that. As a side note... I still say you should allow people to control the launcher in MMM4 with the arrow keys.

(Updated ) dz2001 responds:

make who hate who? and why should I give a fuck xD
I'm too lazy to add ARROW controllz to mmm4, sorry >_<

also hellraiser ftw


2009-12-11 06:41:40

What the fuck? That is so awesomel.


2009-12-13 18:44:13

Pringles cock, The new tube cock.