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Download my games.

Posted by dz2001 - August 27th, 2008

Comments (22)

yay thnkx I already downladed them all xP! haha!

Can we get a Velocity download? :P


i might download mmm2. Allso great job on MMM3 its great


I have a question for you: why the games downloaded are .exe and not .swf?
I love your games, expecially the MMM series, but the title is a little pointless at first, maybe is the differences from the first two games that makes the gap in my mind when I think that MMM 3 is not a MMM game.
However, after three hours playing MMM 3 (three hours with the hope that your game will be awesome than the first two), I definitely decide that your game is effectively AWESOME!!!
Keep working good or I will kick your ass if you don't do another GREAT game...

Cheers from Italy


P.S.: Did you put another secret section in this one? Don't tell me were is it, but only if it exist, please.

Because the swf file is all over the internet. Right click, get page source see the link and download it or get it from browser cash (coz when you r playing the game, guess what!! the swf file has already been downloaded to your hard drive). Whats the problem?

Because people who don't know how to get the swf file don't need it. They wont know what to do with it.

/457000/457816_mmm_3.swf - see?

Yes there is a secret in the main menu, which is again for me only. Not an easter egg, you are not supposed to find it.
No one has this far, I track it with mochibot.

DZ, I now it, indeed, I have already all your .swf file (hehehe I stole our work :P ); I's too easy to get it...
The .exe file is onether demostration that you love people who plays your games.
Did you fixed the download of MMM3?
I found the secret button, but it disappears when i push it for many times :(, give me a piece of your life!!! hehehe just joke, I will found It without your help (because you will don't help me, right as always...)
Keep work and good luck for the future ;-)

It unlocks another thing when it disappears.

I like starcraft fa i got the game its cool i heard about it from you so thx.momentum missle mayhem is cool i dont like quadrobarrel srry.

u really live in russia??If so plz tell me wat its like i always wanted to go there.

its very cold
and we have lots of bears on the streets, drinking vodka

Recently I played Starcraft, I finally download it because in the online version the download is too long (max 70 kbps -_-'), it's a great game (like the other yours), but I have a question: The (pixel)art you use it's made by Requiem or you? How you do It? There's another secret here?

P.S.: Doing flash games is your job?

I admire you.

StarCraft art was done by blizzard.
You dont know StarCraft? Where are you from??? moon or something?

i dont know how to make movies :(

I know what is starcraft (but I never play it), but the art of the rest of your games, who done it?

Check the games, all the info is there

starcraft is the best game in the world starting now lol

also i got the battle chest pack at wal mart wich has 2 official prima guides worth $40 and a product manual a free trial of WOW and some booklits and starcraft and brood war expansion set.

mmm1,2,and 3 are awesome!!!

OMG, MMM3 rules!!!
It's even better than the first two!!!
Keep doing those awesome games!!!


omg you're a russian

rushins are awsoem

Just a question.How do i unlock maps in freemode?Like i got over 300 kills in MGM free mode on easy but when i went to sandbox mode,It was still locked.Do i need to do it on normal or hard?Also i miss the old style play.I like launching bright energy balls at things and seeing them explode.Great games,keep them coming.Will there be MMM4?

>do it on normal or hard?

on normal mode.... crap I thought I mentioned this in the game =\

>Will there be MMM4?

I doubt it. I'm tired of it, and I have a lot of different projects in mind.

Wow love the games they are awsome keep up the good work

Gief a SCFA3 download :D

Can u put links for ALL YOUR GAMES plz!!! =P

Would you be so kind as to add the other Starcraft FA's? I know I can just download the swf's, but I like to have everything looking official.
I really enjoy your flash games. I would really like ya to make more Starcraft games, but that probably wont happen will it?

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